Šimon Prokopec
Šimon Prokopec

I bring profesionality and enthusiasm. Let's build something together.

shimon@$ whoami

I’m a pragmatic perfectionist software developer in my twenties. I honestly enjoy the process of converting ideas and thoughts into custom, clean, and effective solutions. One of my biggest strengths is the ability to adapt quickly, whether it’s a specific tech stack, an existing project, or dealing with people. Over the years I have contributed to many OS projects, extending existing tools to match my specific needs, working on projects I enjoy, or fixing issues I come across.

These days I focus mostly on modern web applications from start to finish. I can help you with every step from refining ideas, wireframing, and prototyping to deploying a polished and optimized application. On the other hand, I never turn down an interesting backend, machine learning, mobile app, or hardware task.

shimon@$ systemctl --type=service

These are services I feel comfortable offering on a high level and professional efficiency. I can provide detailed proof of expertise for each of the categories.

Currently not interested in projects solely focusing on these services. Either because of inexperience or uninterested.

Cyber Security
Large Infrastructure
Game Development

shimon@$ cd .\projects\ && ls